2018.8 Pre-order 2018 Moon Festival Gift Boxes

Exclusively sold by Taipei XIHU branch


For the Chinese people, the Moon Festival is a day for family reunion.
Bake Code brings you the best gift during the special holiday.
Cakes and pastries are one of the important foods in Moon Festival.

Bake Code products two limited gift boxes "Moon Pineapple Cake- 12 pieces" and "Moon Yolk Pastry-8 pieces" from now in Taipei XIHU branch.
Buy more than 5 give 5% discount, buy more than 10 give 10% discount.
More than 10 boxes for free delivery.

Moon Pineapple Cake- 12 pieces NT$580

Moon Yolk Pastry-8 pieces NT$430
You can choose four flavours
Sweet Bean Paste and Yolk
Taro Paste and Sweet Rice Dumplings
Green Bean Paste and Cranberry
Hong Kong Custard


2018 Moon Festival Gift Box