The fourth Bake Code grand opening celebration!

The fourth Bake Code in Taiwan is coming!

Zhubei Shengli branch is grand opening celebration in the end of October.


▶ 10/26 (Friday) VIP day 

Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Fill out the form! You have an opportunity to VIP day. 



Offer NTS$500 store credit with breads for our guests.

Note: 20 limited of fans and bloggers  supply. We will release the list on 10/23. VIP need check-in and share on social media. 


▶ 10/27 (Saturday) Soft opening

Buy one get one free for bakd croissant (Limited 100 amounts)

We provide 4 color of croissant. Only in Hinchu.

 10/28(Sunday) Grand opening


Special offer will be released~

Exclusively products sold by Zhubei Shengli branch!


Address: No.323, Shengli 8th St, Zhubei City, Hsinchu .

Hinchu Zhubei Shengli store is opening