[Press release] BAKE CODE's competitiveness local touch in Hinchu City

There are many bakeries in Zhubei city, but few chain stores in local community. Bak Code, one of Lakkaffa group, was the third opening in Zhubei on 28th. Bake Code accompanies with you in local community and still looks for development in new community.



Bake Code's produce Japanese buns and bread. Their strategy are "low cost and good quailty", and his customers target 25-40 years family members.  In Zhubei city, there are over 30 thousand loyalty members, and 60% members shop in the store every month. 



Operations manager Rick Ke say Shengli branch opens in higher housing price area, and we expect people can spend more here. Operation team are confident to open a new one in the end of this year.



Bake Code invited VIP guests on 26th October and had a soft opening to tested its operations on 27th before holding a grand opening on 28th. Bake Code released his specialty "Gold Croissant" for the new store. The croissant has "original, Matcha, strawberry and bamboo charcoal" four flavours. Their popular product "Rainbow Cake" showed up in the opening celebration as well.